Divorce and Family Law

At North Law, we know that going though separation and divorce is an emotionally turbulent time for our clients and we are compassionate and understanding as to your needs whilst ensuring you get efficient family law advice and representation from our very experienced family lawyers. Our lawyers offer husbands, wives, de facto couples, grandparents and other parties, expert family law advice and representation.

We know that divorce and separation are complex, emotionally taxing and difficult processes to grasp and finding the best lawyer in Brisbane is difficult. Whether you’re looking to manage your own amicable divorce or separation, or if your arrangements are more complex, we have friendly and experienced lawyers with a wealth of information to help you understand the process so you can make the right decisions to move ahead with your life.

If you have separated from your spouse or partner and need advice, or you are looking to implement parenting and/or financial arrangements, we have a team of experienced and dedicated family lawyers that can assist you. Alternatively, if you require representation at Court in relation to a Family Law matter we can help you. In most cases the earlier you obtain advice the better the outcome.

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