Property Settlement

We understand that one of the most important, and in some cases the most difficult, issues facing couples who separate is that of “who gets what?” This is referred to as a property settlement, the split of assets following a separation or divorce can become an emotional and physically draining process.

At North Law, our lawyers have considerable experience and expertise in this field. We understand that most couples do not want (or need) to go through the Court system in order to determine who gets the car, the house or a share of their partner’s superannuation. Our aim is to try to resolve any dispute over assets through mediation and negotiation, reaching an agreement that suits both you and you partner and only needs ratification by the Court to be legally binding.

Our expert lawyers also have considerable experience negotiating settlements for couples who have a significant pool of assets, such as major property/share portfolios or even family businesses, to be included in the settlement process. In these cases, we understand both the emotional and the commercial implications of splitting the assets and we are committed to resolving the issues fairly, equitably and as quickly as possible; reducing the time taken and therefore the cost to the client.

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