Retail and Commercial Leases

North Law has a strong background in commercial property law, including retail and commercial leases of shopping centres, factories and individual retail premises.

As a team we have acted for both commercial tenants and landlords, drafting lease documentation, negotiating leases, enforcing the terms and conditions of a lease and representing clients in disputes between tenant and landlord.

The complexities of the relevant legislation makes it particularly important to seek legal advice prior to signing a lease document to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations.

A business property lease or commercial lease is a legally binding contract between a business owner and the owner of the real estate property.

At North Law, we understand that these documents are far more complicated than residential leases, because the lease is usually heavily customised to the individual situation. The lease terms and conditions need to be very carefully read to make sure that they match the needs of your business, as any mistakes at the beginning could be detrimental to your business.

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